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Krisnini International Ltd (UK)

(in conjunction with)

Krisnini International Recruitment Agency Ltd (Nig)

                                                           Overseas Healthcare Recruitment Agency   

Overseas Nurses? Are you looking for Healthcare Assistants or Nursing positions in UK? 

Did you train outside The European countries and US as a nurse or midwife?

Do you want to work and live in the UK as a healthcare Assistant, nurse, or midwife yourself or with your dependants?

Are you looking for a genuine, reputable overseas recruiter based in UK with connection to Nigeria?

Krisnini International LTD is a UK based limited company that will provide you with genuine, reliable assistance and guide you through the application process. We do not give visa as this is the responsibility of UK Border Agency but we can advise you on the documents to provide and link you up with reputable UK healthcare employers and agencies to achieve your dream.

We give you a complete overview of what is required at each stage.

At Krisnini International Ltd , we support overseas trained healthcare workers like healthcare assistants, nurses and midwives to relocate and work in the United Kingdom.

Our commitments:

1. We are committed to guiding you through each stage of your application by providing you with necessary and sufficient information and resources to succeed.

2. We will support you with finding a UK employer as you get to the third stage of your registration process.

3. We will provide advice towards a successful visa application .

4. We offer flexible terms of payment for our services

To find out more, click here to register. There are more information on the website such as the free demo of the IELTS training that you can only access from this secured website.

Follow the maps below to locate our offices

Lagos Branch Address

Ibadan Office