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Krisnini International Ltd (UK)

(in conjunction with)

Krisnini International Recruitment Agency Ltd (Nig)

                                                           Overseas Healthcare Recruitment Agency   

Following information is adapted from the Nurses & Midwifery Council (NMC)

The applicant must meet the following requirements prior to submitting their application

Applicants must have completed a three-year full-time course of at least 156 weeks.

Post-qualification experience

1. Evidence of their experience as a midwife and an indication of good health and character.

2. Applicants must have completed a minimum of one year (full time or part-time equivalent) in midwifery practice following their registration in the country in which they trained.

3. If they have not practised midwifery in the five years prior to their application, they must do a return to practice midwifery course in their home country. This return to practice course must be for a minimum of 12 weeks (450 hours) full time or equivalent part-time hours.

4. Provide references from employers to confirm that return to competence in midwifery practice was achieved by the end of the course.

Continuing professional development

Applicants must provide evidence of continuing professional development (35 hours over each period of three years) since the original registration as a midwife. Applicants must demonstrate evidence of good health and good character by providing two references signed by either senior midwifery managers or a midwifery tutor if their recent experience has been in education.